New Challenge KKS,covering the world with technology and reliability.


Our guiding principle is "create a user-friendly technology."

The 21st century has seen the expansion in technology of the printing industry. The keyword for new technology is "be user-friendly and environmentally sound." Our determination and expertise are meeting these new challenges.
For existing operations, we push to increase performance and safety with a higher level of satisfaction from our users.
New product development is pursued with earnestness and commitment. The chief goal of these efforts is to continue to combine precision machinery with IT technology. We continue with creation of products that are conducive to the growth of the printing industry.

A dynamic growth on the back of advanced technology converged with manufacturing skills.

For any newspaper printing plant operations project, new or retrofit, KKS can work to achieve proposals that completes your demands and desires. We can build, with your assistance, a "technology enhancement" plant which involves local site conditions and preferences.
The resulting operations will combine manufacturing skills of our eighty (80 years) years and the latest technology development in industrial robotics usage and electronic controls.
Our pride and confidence is a reflection of our many years' expertise in customer service, design, engineering and manufacturing. Our company's resources will define your needs and create a system design that assures your success now and in the future.
Share your problems with us. We have comprehensive technical capabilities to solve them.

Innovative systems that do things precisely, quickly and with minimal manpower.

Our experience and involvement with the printing industry has resulted in a broad range of products.
For instance, the PPR Paster Preparation Robot, preparing rolls for pasting without manual intervention allows automatic paper feeding to the presses. One hundred and twenty systems (120) have been supplied over a ten year history. The PPR ranks at the top of the industry in market share. We are continuing our success with improvements for higher performance capabilities and incorporating new innovations found in the industry, such as straight-line paster preparation.
Our CTP (Computer-To-Plate) System, capable of high speed printing plate production has made an exciting debut after development completion. Displayed at JANPS 2001 exhibition, this system received praise from the printing industry technical leaders the winning the "Successful Development Award" from the Technical Committee of the Japan Newspaper Publishers and Editors Association. We consider this award as a tribute to our engineers to blend platemaking knowhow with state-of-art digital technology.

A new breed of powerful automation systems that spin your future.

Newspaper printing processes involve a variety of operations with the rotary press at the center. A complete line of equipment and components are available from KKS that automate your process from paper roll handling through storage to delivery of newspapers out of the plant. We continue with our research efforts to create equipment and systems that can keep abreast of the ever improving, versatile technology of rotary presses.