New Challenge KKS,covering the world with technology and reliability.

New Challenges KKS covering the world with technology and reliability.

Since its founding in 1919, KKS has been involved with the printing newspaper industry, growing with the expertise in printing process automation technology, and supplying systems and components which perform efficiently and at high speeds. The range of products cover from paper delivery and roll handling operations, platemaking, plate conveyors, newspaper conveyors and delivery conveyors for the mailroom.
KKS' corporate motto is, "Meeting new challenges with technology and customer confidence." This philosophy has been our guiding principle throughout our 80 plus years' history. Building on ingenuity and innovation, we continue to contribute to the growth of the information industry, especially in newspaper publishing.
The 21st century is witnessing the use of high precision automated control systems resulting from the convergence of machinery and information technology. This will drive major changes in the printing and associated industries.
KKS promises to be in the forefront of technology to usher in a new era in the printing industry. We will strive at research goals that can supply a range of systems and equipment that will help modernize printing operations--resulting in more efficiency with less manpower. KKS will conquer any challenges along the way.
We will stay with our customers, offering products and services that satisfy their needs. Our commitment goes to all our customers all over the world. We are dedicated to increasing productivity in the printing industry.